Printing & Service

Many design possibilities for both our Cardboard and giftbox.



The AR Cardboard offers unlimited printing options, but can also be shipped without print or with an adhesive sticker. We provide services from the inquiry up until delivery and we control every step in the production process. We are able to provide support in the design phase, but also during production and delivery we will always keep you up to date.

Printing Options

The standard cardboards will be delivered without print and can be personalized using branded adhesive stickers. We use CMYK full color offset printing lacquer for the finishing of the Cardboards.

Both the cardboards as the gift boxes can be printed in various ways:

  • Gloss, Matt or Soft Touch laminate
  • Two sided printing
  • Exterior printing, off white interior


We provide the utmost care for world wide deliveries. Fast delivery at the lowest rates. We have already shipped hundreds of thousands of our VR Cardboards world wide. We have mastered the production and delivery to perfection, with an extensive network of reliable suppliers and distributors.

  • 10 working days delivery from The Netherlands
  • 20 working days delivery from China
  • From the printing office to your doorstep
  • Large orders shipped directly to your customer
  • Door to door delivery to the end user


Our experienced team will provide assistance and support during the entire process. We will help you with the design, we will check every step and we will keep you informed concerning the delivery process.


We can deliver the printed AR Cardboards at your location, with your distribution partner or directly to the end user. If the cardboards will be used in a direct mailing or marketing campaign, we can deliver them folded, this way it’s easy to insert them into a magazine for instance.

  • Packaged with goods or food products
  • Direct shipment with very low shipping rates
  • Packaged with magazines or by direct mail


The AR Cardboard can be packed in various ways, based on the distribution method. We will find the most suitable solution in collaboration with our clients.

  • Printed gift box
  • Cellophane wrapping
  • Bubble Plastic envelope


  1. Price quotation. A custom price quotation based on amount, printing & delivery
  2. Design. Use our convenient template to create your own design without effort
  3. Approval. We will check the design and we will provide you with the print files for approval
  4. Production. We produce and assemble your own AR Cardboard
  5. Delivery. Your AR Cardboard will be delivered at the desired location

Your own branded AR Cardboard



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AR Cardboards with logo

Now that we have found a suitable Augmented Reality Cardboard, we can make cheap AR glasses from virtually every smartphone.

As is often the case with the VR Cardboard, it is also possible to have AR Cardboards printed with a logo. After all, most of the AR Cardboard is cardboard, by having a logo of a brand or product printed on it, you can perfectly combine marketing and AR.

That makes AR Cardboards interesting for companies as promotional items, but also for business applications within the organization there are plenty of opportunities to use AR Cardboards with a logo.

AR Cardboards for business

Let’s face it, as a company you like to stick your logo on everything that’s remotely connected to the business. An interesting fact with an Augmented Reality Cardboard is the fact that not only the user looks at the glasses, but also the bystanders.

The AR Cardboards with logo are seen by everyone, so branded AR Glasses have a maximum impact. When visitors come to an evvent you don’t even have to have a smartphone prepared for testing, the visitors usually have them in their own pocket.

Refer them to the company AR app (for example by using a QR-code) and they can view the corporate message within the AR app.

Want to develop a tailor-made AR app for your business? We have a team of dedicated AR app developers standing by.

And later when they have left again. Internally, AR Cardboards can also be very useful, for example by sharing 3D data with different departments. The ability to place objects in the room with markers offers enormous possibilities, also for business applications.

Branded AR Glasses

Just like you have a box with printed pens and perhaps rolls of peppermint with a logo on them, branded AR glasses should not be missing in the world of AR marketing.

Besides business content it doesn’t matter which AR apps the users download and use, so there is a large selection of suitable content immediately available. And during the use of all these AR apps, your logo is in view. With branded AR glasses you can be seen in the most unexpected places.

In addition, the costs for branded AR glasses are reasonable, even in smaller batches AR Cardboards are very affordable.

Quality differences

Keep in mind that the AR glasses meet the latest standards and that it works on the basis of a good prism, there is certainly a difference in quality with the various AR glasses that are available.

Marketing and AR

In the field of marketing it is difficult to make an impression, marketing and AR are therefore a perfect combination. The AR technology impresses. Let’s list some examples where Augmented Reality can set the right tone via AR Cardboards:

  • Send an AR Cardboard to customers: Suppose you are a real estate agent who wants to sell a street full of beautiful new condominiums to customers all over the world. You can not just invite everyone to make a world trip. Send an AR Cardboard to your potential buyers with an AR version of the house as a presentation. All you have to do is send the AR Cardboard with a reference to the content online, the recipients can use their own smartphone.
  • Demonstrate at trade fairs with Augmented Reality: You have to call as the loudest to draw the attention of the visitors to an exhibition. Stand space is expensive, take it very different with branded AR glasses. They immediately arouse curiosity, people want to take a look. In this situation, an Augmented Reality glasses certainly have a practical value, for example you can show a new model car that has not even been rolled off the assembly line. Give the visitors the AR Cardboard as a present at home, be sure that this promotional item will be seen!
  • AR in the retail sector: After years it is doing better in the retail sector. This is partly due to the improving economy, but also due to innovations within the retail sector. AR certainly plays a role here, big brands and designers use Augmented Reality to entice the customer. The “mysterious” factor also plays a role here, everyone wants to view the hidden Augmented Reality images. This makes shopping a true journey of discovery. Of course you use AR Cardboards with a print for a uniform look in the store.
  • Inform stakeholders: This is a very smart application that is not so well known to many companies. Nevertheless, AR Cardboards can be extremely valuable for companies, for example to inform stakeholders. So you can visually show a group of guests the latest designs or statistics via an Augmented Reality Cardboard glasses. Place a marker on the table in the middle, and have all invitees watch a realistic 3D presentation. Thanks to the marker you can physically walk around the virtual object, even animation is possible.

Marketing and AR are like two peas in a pod. Although professional solutions such as the Daqri AR glasses or the Microsoft HoloLens offer many possibilities, there are plenty of applications with simple AR Cardboards for companies.

The costs for the “hardware” are low, with branded AR glasses it fits perfectly within the house style of the organization, and you can also invest in AR apps for business applications. With marketing, you certainly should not just think about end consumers, it is precisely for large and expensive projects that AR is the method to have presentations designed and give demonstrations quickly and effectively.