Were you impressed when Apple introduced augmented reality for their iPhones? Sure, it wasn’t a completely new technology, but ARKit brought augmented reality to a whole new audience. It also make content creation easier, faster and more affordable. Android smartphone owners don’t have to worry, there are various high-end phones that are able to display realistic augmented reality graphics using ARCore. But AR glasses haven’t gained the same traction, they are still a niche product for professionals and not much else. That’s why you should buy AR Cardboard…in bulk! Read on to find out more.

Augmented reality is the future…now!

You see it in all kinds of movies like The Minority Report with Tom Cruise or The Iron Man with Robert Downey jr. Crazy graphics floating in mid-air that allow you the see the space around you. Science Fiction? Sure, in the movies they play fast and loose with all scientific rules, but AR in real life is nonetheless quite impressive. The first time you witnessed a Pokémon in your own backyard you felt excited, but a flat screen doesn’t do augmented reality justice. So, perhaps we all should by AR glasses?

Why purchase AR glasses?

Hold on, not so fast! That was the general response when Google Glass hit the market, way back in 2015. A pair of glasses that allowed you to see information in front of your own eyes, with a built-in camera and… Yes, the camera immediately led to privacy concerns, and rightfully so. Besides the intrusive camera the glasses also looked nerdy, and not in a good way. Other AR glasses like the Osterhout Design Group series or the Epson VR glasses offer the same features but geared towards a professional environment. In a warehouse you don’t face the same privacy concerns as consumers would experience with AR glasses outdoors. So are we stuck with watching augmented reality on our smartphone?

AR Cardboard is different

Take a guess what an AR Cardboard is made out of. If you guessed the rigid paper commonly known as cardboard you are right. Well, there’s a little more to it than that. A regular (and expensive) set of AR glasses is in fact a mini-computer placed on a frame with a camera, speakers, a projection unit and some other miniaturized hardware. All that technology is impressive but not cheap. The AR cardboard uses the same device you currently have in your pocket; the smartphone. An AR Cardboard is a model kit the user can fold, and has a couple of extras that create the magic of augmented reality. There’s a nifty prisma lens included that can reflect the images on a smartphone screen and project them in front of a users’ eyes. There’s no need for expensive hardware because that’s all available in the smartphone. Before you buy AR Cardboard we will delve a bit deeper into the origins of augmented reality on a budget.

That sounds familiar

If you have any interest in virtual reality you will surely be familiar with the concept of Google Cardboard VR. This was the first affordable VR headset that used smartphone technology in a clever way. Just slide the phone into a piece of cardboard with a couple of cheap plastic lenses and you have a pair of VR glasses in your hands. You can look around in VR, see images in 3D and much more. Google dropped the ball because they never released an augmented reality version. Even the more expensive Gear VR from Samsung features less than a handful of apps that support an augmented reality mode. Aryzon, a Dutch startup, developed their own AR version of the Google Cardboard VR glasses that’s also easy to use and cheap to purchase. So wh…

Why buy AR Cardboard?

Ok, you saw that question coming, good. The Aryzon Cardboard is a cardboard shell for your smartphone that allows you to view augmented reality presentations right in front of your eyes. You can play games, although truth be told the selection is limited at the moment. The CAD object viewer is a standaard and free feature of the Aryzon app that allows you to upload and display 3D models in stereoscopic 3D. Have we piqued your interest now? Good, so how do you buy AR Cardboard?

By AR Cardboard in bulk

You can buy one or a couple of Aryzon Cardboards for testing purposes. Go ahead, we’ll wait… And, did you Iike the experience? Once you’ve seen the technology you will think of many cases to use this convenient and affordable set of AR glasses. You can order the genuine Aryzon AR Cardboard in bulk, even with your company logo prominently featured on the shiny exterior. That makes this product a perfect handout, gift or Point of Sale gadget. Don’t trust our word on this, contact the supplier and ask for a demo kit. Experience the future…now!