You will probably already know the VR Cardboard, which is the cheapest solution to view Virtual Reality images.

Thanks to the low costs and the simple way of printing, millions of these cardboard smartphone hol

ders have already been distributed. Not everyone knows that you can also have a branded AR Cardboard made.

Augmented Reality is the “hip” brother of Virtual Reality with many new and commercial applications, yet this technology is still in its infancy. With a branded AR Cardboard you can make a difference as a brand.

Emergence of Augmented Reality

After Virtual Reality comes Augmented Reality. AR is not a replacement for VR, it is another technology with unique applications.

Where Virtual Reality shows and experiences a completely new world, Augmented Reality presents a new layer about the real world. To view these images you need a device that is compact yet powerful enough to hold, so the smartphone!

A disadvantage of smartphone and tablet AR is that the images are in 2D, for the 3D effect what VR glasses also provide you will need an AR glasses. And then we encounter a problem …

Shortcomings of current AR glasses

For business use, there are already quite a few solutions such as Vuzix, Epson and ODG. These are relatively simple AR glasses that are mainly intended to support employees within the company.

Products such as the HoloLens and the Daqri are capable of displaying 3D images in the room, these wearables are larger in size and rather expensive to purchase. Apple and Google are no further than smartphone AR, and newcomers like Magic Leap have not yet released their solutions to the general public.

Although more and more people show interest in Augmented Reality applications, there are still few products to view AR apps.

Cheap AR Cardboard solution

Following the VR Cardboard, there is now also the branded AR Cardboard. This is also a foldable piece of cardboard, yet the design is quite different. In order to optimally display Augmented Reality, you can not place a smartphone screen a few centimeters away from the eyes as with VR.

With an ingenious mirror that is at an angle, you can see the surroundings with augmented Reality images like holograms in front of your eyes with an AR glasses. With a special tracker disk you can place these objects at any desired position.

The number of components for such an AR Cardboard are limited and relatively inexpensive. You can use these glasses at events, send to clients and hand out at special occasions.

Then you obviously want to give away a branded AR Cardboard as a promotional item.

Branded AR Cardboard

You can have a branded AR Cardboard made entirely in the style of your brand or product.

That is the advantage of cardboard, this material is not only light and environmentally friendly, it is also ideal to provide any color, photo or company logo.

That doesn’t mean, however, that a branded AR Cardboard is easy to make, apart from the cardboard there are some parts that have to be of good quality such as a mirror and a window to look through.

Yet, these AR Cardboards (at least, the business edition) are easy to assemble, you can distribute them through the letterbox post or distribute them to customers, employees and visitors during events.

This way you can promote every brand or product in a special way, based on a branded AR Cardboard that can be used for many apps with virtually any smartphone.

Create your own Augmented Reality content

Although there are already quite a few AR apps for both Android and Apple, the offer AR apps for an Augmented Reality glasses is still fairly limited.

That is a matter of supply and demand, the more AR glasses come into circulation the greater the choice of apps will be.

The Aryzon branded AR Cardboard comes with a free app with some nice Augmented Reality presentations.

This platform is continuously being expanded with new content. In addition, it is also possible to view standard CAD 3D models as Augmented Reality objects.

Many companies already have this kind of data already available which makes it a “no-brainer” to keep these AR glasses in stock for presentations. Because the software works with a tracking disc, the branding can be expanded even further.

It is possible to use a custom image as a tracker, this is the landmark that uses the software in the form of a compact disc. The branded AR Cardboard in combination with the tracking disc makes every brand clearly visible. Not only for the wearer of the glasses, but also for the bystanders.

AR App development

For the nerds: it is definitely possible to develop custom AR apps, based on AR development tools that comply with industry standard software, the rates for AR App development can remain affordable.

AR Cardboards also has a team of AR App developers standing by to make your AR Application.

Aryzon SDK

For AR App developers, Aryzon launches a AR App developers platform with full support and an active community

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