Have you witnessed augmented reality in person? AR on a smartphone screen is fun, when you see it with a AR headset it turns into something else completely. Suddenly it seems digital objects come to life in front of your very eyes, in glorious color and 3D. Augmented reality is one of those things that sound like Sci-Fi and are far removed from our daily life, but you’d be surprised how many companies use augmented reality in their professional workflow. Automobile design for instance, assembly in the factory or order picking in a warehouse. An AR Cardboard with logo provides a business with an affordable way to reach new customers, inform stakeholders and train personnel. We will explore the potential of AR Cardboard with logo on this page.

Connectivity and reusable hardware

Are you aware Nintendo has released a kit featuring a box with cardboard components that transform your Switch into a plethora of devices? It’s called Labo and it’s a huge hit. You can turn a game console into a piano or a robot. And probably also a robot playing the piano, we haven’t checked. Although the repurposing of existing hardware is certainly clever, it’s hardly unique. The Google Cardboard was a similar invention that turns a standard smartphone into a VR headset. This resulted in millions of both original and imitation shells for smartphones that allow you to enter the virtual reality. AR Cardboard is the next step, and less famous compared to the Google product. But that is about to change, and you could be the pioneer in the field of cheap AR Cardboard with logo.

AR Cardboard with logo

Augmented reality poses a few unique problems compared to virtual reality. AR functions as an overlay placed upon the environment surrounding you. So real life and digital images are merged together. This requires some very specific technical issues to be conquered. For instance, how do you remove a flat screen out of a pair of augmented reality glasses. The solution is actually quite simple, just place the screen in a different place. The Aryzon handheld AR Cardboard manages to overcome this obstacle by placing the screen (of a smartphone) below the eyes. The light parts of the screen are then projected onto a transparent screen to provide the illusion of a holographic augmented reality.

Once you have the required technology you can look at the design. Because the Aryzon solution is mostly made out of cardboard it’s quite easy to add graphics onto the AR glasses. The paper parts of the design can be printed with every type of logo or image, in full color if required. An AR Cardboard with logo is surely an eye catcher that is useful for many applications.

Start with choosing the right smartphone holder

Don’t confuse the Aryzon AR Cardboard smartphone holder with the Google Cardboard VR offering. Both systems provide a cheap alternative to the more professional VR and AR solutions, but the AR Cardboard allows you to see the world around you unlike the VR headset. The Aryzon design started as a Kickstarter project that has been refined in the years after the successful campaign. Now it’s the most affordable entry point to augmented reality.

Create a good logo design or other image

Make sure the logo or other required image will wrap around the Cardboard AR holder correctly. You start out with a foldable piece of cardboard that will be folded into a 3D object. The design of the print must adhere to all requirements in order to produce great results. The experience goes beyond the holographic images, the case should look good even its not in use. Ask the supplier about the design of the AR Cardboard with logo.

Print the design onto the AR Cardboard

After the design is completed a test version will usually be printed. This allows for pre-testing and to find out if the print does your logo justice. If not, a new design should be made before mass producing the AR Cardboard. The colors can be just as vivid as the best print work you will find in the shops, the experts can help you create an optimal design.

Explore all the possibilities with affordable augmented reality

Augmented reality might not be exactly new, it is a technology that is still mostly unexplored. Using an AR Cardboard with logo you can create awareness concerning augmented reality, train your staff or inform a board of directors. A giveaway set of AR glasses can also lead to further promotion because friends, family and others will want to see what the future has in store. And that future is right now, the AR Cardboard with logo will be spread along everyone interested in new technology. And as a company you can have a custom AR experience developed that fits perfectly with the AR Cardboard headset.