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Apps & Development

The AR industry is still in the emerging phase, at this moment the selection of applications for AR glasses is still limited. If you would like to get acquainted with the possibilities quickly, you can download the Aryzon SDK. application free of charge. 

For a custom solution you can commission the development of an AR app with our company.

Aryzon application

Available for both iOS & Android, this app is specifically designed for use with the AR Cardboard. It consists of a number of interesting examples that provide the user with a good overview of the potential AR has to offer.

Aryzon SDK

Would you like to get involved with the development of Augmented Reality, and you possess the required technical expertise? In that case check out the Aryzon SDK (Software Development Kit) for Unity. This allows you to develop custom apps for both iOS & Android.


Custom work

Would you prefer to outsource the development of an AR app? That’s possible! Our team has amassed extensive experience concerning design and development, and would be glad to provide their services. Please contact us for more information.

High-end AR

Looking for a high-quality application for, for example, the Hololens or Daqri? You can also come to our experienced team team for that.




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