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About Cardboard Owl & Aryzon

Aryzon & Cardboard Owl have developed the AR Cardboard in collaboration, the product is marketed under the brand name Aryzon Business Edition.

Aryzon Business Edition

The Aryzon Business edition is the result of an intensive collaboration between Aryzon and AR Cardboards. The prototyping skills of Aryzon, combined with the production experience of Cardboard Owl has resulted in the best AR Cardboard available.

AR Cardboards

AR Cardboards is a website that came about when intensively working with Aryzon. Expertise deriving from the Dutch company VR Owl, a full service VR/AR Agency located in Utrecht, accumulated with the production and distribution of VR Cardboards through Cardboard Owl, was used in perfecting the Aryzon headset and distribution channels.


The Dutch startup garnered worldwide attention upon the announcement of their Cardboard AR headset named Aryzon. Through Kickstarter the company managed to reach their goal in no-time. Aryzon is responsible for the initial product development and prototyping of the Aryzon AR Headset.

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