AR Cardboards

Discover Augmented Reality in an easy, affordable and fun way!

How does Cardboard AR work?

The possibilities

The AR Cardboard uses your smartphone to display spectacular 3D images on top of the ‘real’ world. View 3D models and animations, play games or learn about complex subjects.


Easy to use

The AR Cardboard uses your smartphone , mirrors, lenses and see through glass to display holograms. Place your smartphone in the AR Cardboard, look at the marker and start your AR Experience. AR cannot be easier.



Fold the AR Cardboard within just a few seconds

Download a mobile app like our Aryzon app

Start the app and place your phone in the Cardboard

Look at the included marker and start your experience

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Business Opportunities

You can use the AR Cardboard in your marketing campaign, product presentation or as an unique learning tool. Use our Aryzon application free of charge, or commission the development of a custom app. The AR Cardboard is made out of premium grade materials, they can be printed in various ways and we ship worldwide.

  • Affordable & accessible AR Experience
  • Unbelievable brand interaction and brand experience
  • Innovative and unique


  • Use the AR Cardboard in your direct mail or marketing campaign to promote your product. The Cardboard design can be fully customized. We can deliver the Cardboard in a folded state, making it easy to combine with a product such as a magazine.
  • Add markers to your print communication and let your product come to life in 3D. In the showroom or event booth, AR will fully engage the customer with your product.


  • Print the AR Cardboard in the corporate identity of your company. It’s the perfect giveaway for customers and/or employees. Show the innovative nature of your organization and be the first with a printed Augmented Reality Cardboard.
  • Give away a printed AR Cardboard during your event. Present your company in an innovative manner and create unsurpassed brand interaction.


  • Draw attention during an event and use AR as a new technology. The AR Cardboard is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and will entertain visitors at your exhibition stand.
  • With the AR Cardboard and a mobile application you can show your product portfolio in 3D in a unique fashion. Introduce your products to the visitors in an innovative manner and provide them with an experience they will surely remember.


Augmented Reality is an educational tool that is rapidly adopted in schools. The printed AR Cardboard allows your students to become acquainted with this new technology in a convenient and affordable way.

  • Enhance the information provided in study books with animated 3D models. The visualization of the written word will lead to a better understanding of the subject.
  • AR offers the possibility to convert plain text into meaningful visualizations. Bring every conceivable object to the classroom using a realistic hologram of any topic. Statues or historical buildings, the curriculum was never this vivid.


  • Augmented Reality in support of complex matters. With marker based AR additional information can be displayed using recognizable elements. Operators will no longer have to chekc the manual, the required information will be displayed in the actual environment.
  • Visualize and save in costs. Use AR in the design of prototypes and evaluate the concepts. Not only time but also money is saved using this method. Observe the 3D prototype and enhance your concept.
  • 3D models are brought to life using holograms on a user defined scale.

Construction / Real Estate

  • AR as a tool in architecture and construction. Many people have trouble visualizing 3D drawings. Convert the drawings to a 3D model, and allow them to be viewed directly. It provides both the designer and the client the opportunity to view the hologram from every possible angle, and thereby receive a more clear concept of the process and the final result.
  • It can be a challenge to sell an empty house, show the possibilities regarding interior design in the house using AR. Place the virtual furniture in the actual location. Reconstruction of a house? Put in a new wall? Provide context in reconstruction by creating a realistic presentation beforehand.


Bring the human body to life with an interactive 3D model. Observe the eyes, brains or the blood circulation in a unique way.

  • View parts of the human anatomy in 3D. During meetings or at home on the couch. Make sure you always have access to the most detailed information.
  • Make the information provided to the patient prior to a treatment or operation more accessible with the use of 3D models.
  • AR simplifies the communication.


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Are you AR Cardboards also suiteable for Iphone?

The AR Cardboards make augmented reality available to the public, so yes, our design is suitable for all iPhones, also the larger variants like the iPhone 6 Plus.

For which smartphones are the AR Cardboards suitable?
To work with AR Cardboard compatible applications, the smartphone must have a gyroscope. Most smartphone of the past 3 years have this function. On this website you can vfind more information about whether your phone is augmented reality compatible.
What are the prices? Do your AR Cardboards have a pricing?
We always offer a tailor-made solution. Costs depend on the desired result, and heavily rely on extras and shipment. By default the AR Cardboard is printed on one side, the back (inside) is glossy white. Optionally, you can opt for UV Spot printing, and lamination (matt, gloss, soft-touch). Prices of the design and printing are divided over the volume of the assignment. We use discount pricing for bulk orders AR Cardboards.
Are headbands delivered with the AR Cardboards?
We can supply headbands of black elastic Velcro.
How are the AR Cardboards delivered?
The AR Cardboard can be delivered flat-folded or ready-to-use. In addition, we can package our AR Cardboards (in association with Aryzon) in a printed gift-box or a tight transparent cellophane (10ct) or a bubble envelope (25ct).
Our AR Cardboards are packed per max. 100 pieces in boxes of 80x60x17 cm. The AR Cardboards can also be delivered ready to use. In that case 50 pieces will go in a box. With or without gift-wrapping, these numbers may differ somewhat, depending on the type of packaging and desired extras.
How long does it take to fold?

The video shows that the AR Cardboard design, is associaion with Aryzon for business, the AR Cardboard can be assembled within 5 seconds thanks to our the unique design. The video on the homepage shows how.

What are the delivery costs?

The delivery costs depend on the numbers and the method of shipment. Our AR Cardboards are packed as standard per 100 pieces in boxes of 80x60x17 cm. The AR Cardboards can also be delivered ready to use. In that case 50 pieces will go in a box. Shipping within the Netherlands costs 15 euro per box.
Of course, we can also send the AR Cardboards to individual addresses both at home and abroad. Within the Netherlands the costs are € 1,50 per piece.

Are AR Cardboards environmentally friendly?

All cardboard in the Netherlands is produced according to the environment-friendly and also the ink used in printing is environmentally friendly. At extra cost we can also deliver with FSC label.

What is the delivery time of the AR Cardboards?
If you have produced in the Netherlands, the delivery time is 10 working days. Delivery from China takes approximately 20 working days and will then be sent by plane. For shipping by boat is 4-6 weeks.
When to opt for Dutch production and when for Chinese production?
In the Netherlands we produce the fastest and because we take care of the assembly ourselves, we have everything in hand. China is very suitable for large batches given the prices but due to the transport over the long distance more delivery time is needed. The quality and design of the AR Cardboards are the same, very good !!
Do you also print larger AR Cardboards, the XL version?
This is unnecessary. Our own product is suitable for all variants; also the larger ones like the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note Series. You fold out the protective edges and the AR AR Cardboard is ready for use. Here we have to come up with something
How are the AR Cardboards printed?
We use high quality CMYK offset press coating printing. In addition, you optionally have the choice for matt, gloss or soft-touch laminate.
Is there a box around the AR Cardboard?

You can optionally order a gift box, both printed and unprinted. Price depends on number and finish. The gift box fits in the mailbox.
In addition, we can package AR Cardboards in a tight transparent cellophane (10ct) or a bubble envelope (25ct).

What is the weight and dimensions of the AR Cardboards

Folded, the AR Cardboards have a dimension of cm (this is not true) and a weight of 64 grams. – depending on the final design.

De giftbox heeft een afmeting van xx x xx x xx cm en een gewicht van
Inclusief de giftbox weegt de AR Cardboard 30 gram. Omdozen hebben een afmeting van 80 x 60 x 17 cm. Hierin zitten maximaal 125 AR Cardboards zonder giftbox of 100 AR Cardboards met giftbox of 50 ready to use AR Cardboards.b Op een Europallet (80 x120 cm) passen maximaal 20 dozen.- idem