Get started in under a minute. The Pop-Up fold from a flat design into a full functional AR device in just 5 steps.


The Aryzon Pop-Up is made for the masses. With affordable material like cardboard it finally possible to experience AR at a low price.


The Pop – Up is designed to work with most smartphones. Android as well as Apple with screen sizes up to 6 inch.


There are different apps designed for the Aryzon Pop-Up which give you a great idea of the possibilities. Redesigning current AR apps or completely new apps is also possible


View your own 3D models trough Sketfab of Google Poly or view one one of the thousand freely available models.


The Aryzon Minigames App includes a set of entertaining minigames to experience 3D Augmented Reality right away.


We have been working in the VR/AR field for many years. Contact us for more information about custom content.



Our experienced designers will be happy to assist you. From file auditing to full design, we’ll assist you fully. If applicable we can provide a 3D render of your design.


Various printing options for the Cardboard and giftbox. High quality CMYK offset for a beautiful result


Our own facilities in Utrecht and Shenzhen, fast production against the lowest rates.


We deliver worldwide. From the Netherlands within 10 days or 20 work days from China.




Sample, quotation or more information? Get help from operations, design, development and other departments.


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Are you AR Cardboards also suiteable for Iphone?

The AR Cardboards make augmented reality available to the public, so yes, our design is suitable for all iPhones, also the larger variants like the iPhone 6 Plus.

For which smartphones are the AR Cardboards suitable?
To work with AR Cardboard compatible applications, the smartphone must have a gyroscope. Most smartphone of the past 3 years have this function. On this website you can vfind more information about whether your phone is augmented reality compatible.
What are the prices? Do your AR Cardboards have a pricing?
We always offer a tailor-made solution. Costs depend on the desired result, and heavily rely on extras and shipment. By default the AR Cardboard is printed on one side, the back (inside) is glossy white. Optionally, you can opt for UV Spot printing, and lamination (matt, gloss, soft-touch). Prices of the design and printing are divided over the volume of the assignment. We use discount pricing for bulk orders AR Cardboards.
Are headbands delivered with the AR Cardboards?
We can supply headbands of black elastic Velcro.
How are the AR Cardboards delivered?
The AR Cardboard can be delivered flat-folded or ready-to-use. In addition, we can package our AR Cardboards (in association with Aryzon) in a printed gift-box or a tight transparent cellophane (10ct) or a bubble envelope (25ct).
Our AR Cardboards are packed per max. 100 pieces in boxes of 80x60x17 cm. The AR Cardboards can also be delivered ready to use. In that case 50 pieces will go in a box. With or without gift-wrapping, these numbers may differ somewhat, depending on the type of packaging and desired extras.
How long does it take to fold?

The video shows that the AR Cardboard design, is associaion with Aryzon for business, the AR Cardboard can be assembled within 5 seconds thanks to our the unique design. The video on the homepage shows how.

What are the delivery costs?

The delivery costs depend on the numbers and the method of shipment. Our AR Cardboards are packed as standard per 100 pieces in boxes of 80x60x17 cm. The AR Cardboards can also be delivered ready to use. In that case 50 pieces will go in a box. Shipping within the Netherlands costs 15 euro per box.
Of course, we can also send the AR Cardboards to individual addresses both at home and abroad. Within the Netherlands the costs are € 1,50 per piece.

Are AR Cardboards environmentally friendly?

All cardboard in the Netherlands is produced according to the environment-friendly and also the ink used in printing is environmentally friendly. At extra cost we can also deliver with FSC label.

What is the delivery time of the AR Cardboards?
If you have produced in the Netherlands, the delivery time is 10 working days. Delivery from China takes approximately 20 working days and will then be sent by plane. For shipping by boat is 4-6 weeks.
When to opt for Dutch production and when for Chinese production?
In the Netherlands we produce the fastest and because we take care of the assembly ourselves, we have everything in hand. China is very suitable for large batches given the prices but due to the transport over the long distance more delivery time is needed. The quality and design of the AR Cardboards are the same, very good !!
Do you also print larger AR Cardboards, the XL version?
This is unnecessary. Our own product is suitable for all variants; also the larger ones like the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note Series. You fold out the protective edges and the AR AR Cardboard is ready for use. Here we have to come up with something
How are the AR Cardboards printed?
We use high quality CMYK offset press coating printing. In addition, you optionally have the choice for matt, gloss or soft-touch laminate.
Is there a box around the AR Cardboard?

You can optionally order a gift box, both printed and unprinted. Price depends on number and finish. The gift box fits in the mailbox.
In addition, we can package AR Cardboards in a tight transparent cellophane (10ct) or a bubble envelope (25ct).

What is the weight and dimensions of the AR Cardboards

Folded, the AR Cardboards have a dimension of cm (this is not true) and a weight of 64 grams. – depending on the final design.

De giftbox heeft een afmeting van xx x xx x xx cm en een gewicht van
Inclusief de giftbox weegt de AR Cardboard 30 gram. Omdozen hebben een afmeting van 80 x 60 x 17 cm. Hierin zitten maximaal 125 AR Cardboards zonder giftbox of 100 AR Cardboards met giftbox of 50 ready to use AR Cardboards.b Op een Europallet (80 x120 cm) passen maximaal 20 dozen.- idem

Additional information

The Aryzon AR Cardboard: a very brief history

In 2014, Google came up with the VR Cardboard, a very simple piece of cardboard with two plastic lenses that allows you to make VR glasses for just a few dozen of each smartphone. Although it is not a replacement for a full VR headset, it is an ideal giveaway for companies, and a nice introduction to Virtual Reality. The Aryzon AR Cardboard is the Augmented Reality version of the Cardboard. This piece of smart cardboard does not come from Silicon Valley but just from the low countries, Enschede to be precise! On this page you can read more about the history of the Aryzon AR Cardboard, what makes these AR glasses so special and why everyone should have one.

Kickstarter success

The current success of Virtual Reality is largely due to the Kickstarter campaign for the Oculus VR headset. These VR glasses came from the sleeve of Palmer Luckey, a few years later Facebook bought Oculus for billions of euros. Now the Rift is the market leader in the higher VR segment. The Aryzon AR Cardboard has also started as a Kickstarter campaign with a modest target of € 25,000. With eventually 2812 backers and an amount of € 109,995, the Aryzon AR Cardboard can be called quite a success.

Made in Enschede

Five industrial design students saw the rise of Augmented Reality. With expensive solutions such as the Microsoft HoloLens and the Mixed Reality headset from Meta, AR seemed unattainable to the general public.

Then Niels Ruiter, Kay Hoogsteder, Alex Ceha, Leon Schipper and Maarten Slaa took a good look at the VR Cardboard and then devised the Aryzon AR Cardboard.

This would make Augmented Reality available to everyone.

What is the Aryzon AR Cardboard?

These AR cardboard glasses are the first affordable augmented reality headset with a 3D view of reality.

The Aryzon AR Cardboard uses the camera on a smartphone to scan the environment to project computer images in space in a realistic way. The image of the smartphone is displayed through the stereoscopic lenses through a mirror surface, resulting in a 3D holographic image. The ingenious system consists of a foldable cardboard smartphone holder, a mirror, a Fresnel lens, glass and a target disc with which the position is determined.

You do not even need glue to assemble the Aryzon AR Cardboard.

Aryzon business edition

What this website sells, is the Aryzon Carboard for business. It is scaleable for production in large quatities and thus is best suitable for marketing and promotion purposes.

It makes AR Carboards available for companies to let (potential) customers engage in the new technology of Augmented Reality while presenting the company’s brand on the cardboard. See: Branded AR Cardboards.

Cheap AR for everyone

In addition to a convincing Augmented Reality experience, a great deal of attention was paid to the costs, or rather to keep costs down. The Aryzon AR Cardboard is made of durable yet cheap cardboard, the package is flat and light with which it fits through the letterbox.

You have to fold the glasses yourself as a user, that is a very simple process. You do need a smartphone to use the Aryzon AR Cardboard, but almost everyone has it, you do not have to invest extra.

Aryzon AR Cardboard App

In addition to the “hardware”, software is also required, Aryzon has developed its own app for both Android and Apple smartphones. You download the app, plug the smartphone into the Aryzon AR Cardboard and you can get started! With the free Aryzon app you can, for example, view 3D CAD models in Augmented Reality. In contrast to a flat monitor you can view the objects in full 3D, you can even walk around them.

Truly branded AR?

Our AR App development team is standing by.

There are also some demonstrations in the app to give you an idea of ​​what is possible with Augmented Reality. As the Aryzon AR Cardboard becomes more familiar to the general public, more content will become available. It is also possible for companies to develop AR apps themselves.

Target Image Tracker

With an iPhone X and with some Android devices you can use “markerless” AR. Very nice, but you exclude a large group of users from Augmented Reality. The Aryzon AR Cardboard uses a physical disk that is recognized by the software. This allows the position in space to be determined very accurately without the need for the latest and fastest smartphone.

A standard Target Image disk of the size of, say, a beermat is supplied, it is also possible to use own images as a tracking image. This is of course ideal for companies that want to use their own logo as a target image.

Future of the Aryzon AR Cardboard

It will take some time before the Aryzon AR Cardboard will be as widely distributed as the Google VR Cardboard. But that is not a problem, more and more people are discovering Augmented Reality via smartphones, and are interested in portable AR afterwards.

Still, it will take years before AR glasses and Mixed Reality wearables become available and affordable. Until that time Aryzon AR Cardboard is a nice substation where you can turn a standard smartphone into a cheap Augmented Reality glasses. Not bad for these five students from Enschede.

Marketing & AR Carboard: some examples

In the field of marketing it is difficult to make an impression, marketing and AR are therefore a perfect combination. The AR technology impresses. Let’s list some examples where Augmented Reality can set the right tone via AR Cardboards:

  • Send an AR Cardboard to customers: Suppose you are a real estate agent who wants to sell a street full of beautiful new condominiums to customers all over the world. You can not just invite everyone to make a world trip. Send an AR Cardboard to your potential buyers with an AR version of the house as a presentation. All you have to do is send the AR Cardboard with a reference to the content online, the recipients can use their own smartphone.
  • Demonstrate at trade fairs with Augmented Reality: You have to call as the loudest to draw the attention of the visitors to an exhibition. Stand space is expensive, take it very different with branded AR glasses. They immediately arouse curiosity, people want to take a look. In this situation, an Augmented Reality glasses certainly have a practical value, for example you can show a new model car that has not even been rolled off the assembly line. Give the visitors the AR Cardboard as a present at home, be sure that this promotional item will be seen!
  • AR in the retail sector: After years it is doing better in the retail sector. This is partly due to the improving economy, but also due to innovations within the retail sector. AR certainly plays a role here, big brands and designers use Augmented Reality to entice the customer. The “mysterious” factor also plays a role here, everyone wants to view the hidden Augmented Reality images. This makes shopping a true journey of discovery. Of course you use AR Cardboards with a print for a uniform look in the store.
  • Inform stakeholders: This is a very smart application that is not so well known to many companies. Nevertheless, AR Cardboards can be extremely valuable for companies, for example to inform stakeholders. So you can visually show a group of guests the latest designs or statistics via an Augmented Reality Cardboard glasses. Place a marker on the table in the middle, and have all invitees watch a realistic 3D presentation. Thanks to the marker you can physically walk around the virtual object, even animation is possible.

Marketing and AR are like two peas in a pod. Although professional solutions such as the Daqri AR glasses or the Microsoft HoloLens offer many possibilities, there are plenty of applications with simple AR Cardboards for companies.

The costs for the “hardware” are low, with branded AR glasses it fits perfectly within the house style of the organization, and you can also invest in AR apps for business applications. With marketing, you certainly should not just think about end consumers, it is precisely for large and expensive projects that AR is the method to have presentations designed and give demonstrations quickly and effectively.

Branded AR Glasses

Just like you have a box with printed pens and perhaps rolls of peppermint with a logo on them, branded AR glasses should not be missing in the world of AR marketing.

Affordable Branded AR?

AR Carboards is the solution

Besides business content it doesn’t matter which AR apps the users download and use, so there is a large selection of suitable content immediately available.

And during the use of all these AR apps, your logo is in view. With branded AR glasses you can be seen in the most unexpected places.

In addition, the costs for branded AR glasses are reasonable, even in smaller batches AR Cardboards are very affordable.\

AR Cardboards for business

Let’s face it, as a company you like to stick your logo on everything that’s remotely connected to the business. An interesting fact with an Augmented Reality Cardboard is the fact that not only the user looks at the glasses, but also the bystanders.

The AR Cardboards with logo are seen by everyone, so branded AR Glasses have a maximum impact. When visitors come to an evvent you don’t even have to have a smartphone prepared for testing, the visitors usually have them in their own pocket.

Refer them to the company AR app (for example by using a QR-code) and they can view the corporate message within the AR app.

Want to develop a tailor-made AR app for your business? We have a team of dedicated AR app developers standing by.

And later when they have left again. Internally, AR Cardboards can also be very useful, for example by sharing 3D data with different departments. The ability to place objects in the room with markers offers enormous possibilities, also for business applications.


AR Cardboards with logo

Now that we have found a suitable Augmented Reality Cardboard, we can make cheap AR glasses from virtually every smartphone.

As is often the case with the VR Cardboard, it is also possible to have AR Cardboards printed with a logo. After all, most of the AR Cardboard is cardboard, by having a logo of a brand or product printed on it, you can perfectly combine marketing and AR.

That makes AR Cardboards interesting for companies as promotional items, but also for business applications within the organization there are plenty of opportunities to use AR Cardboards with a logo.